Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mary's Wedding

On Sunday I went to Mary's Wedding at the Persephone Theatre. My good friend Jackie played Mary so I was really happy to be able to see this play, although I left it right to the end - it was the final show!

The play takes place the night before Mary's wedding in a dream. It's about herself and Charlie, who meet and find love while seeking refuge from a sudden storm. Her dream is about her time with him and the trenches of the Great War, with the transition between the two being perfectly seamless.

I really enjoyed Mary's Wedding. I don't typically enjoy anything to do with war, but the way that this play comes in and out of reality, mixing events that did happen or at least could have happened with others that definitely couldn't have - such as Mary speaking through her love's sergeant while still in her nightgown - just made it flow so seamlessly that it kept moving from one setting to the next.

Overall, I am glad I went and the cast and crew did a wonderful job!

Have you been to any plays or productions recently? 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

And I Love Her - Passenger

I know I just uploaded a new post, but I came across this video today and it is just too great not to share. It's beautiful that, as women, we can be all of these things - at the same time even!

Making Difficult Decisions

Sometimes we're forced to choose, and the choice really isn't that easy. (Well duh, Sarah). Sometimes you'd really rather go with none of the options available to you, yet you must pick one - the lesser of two headaches, if you will. Your mind is screaming at you to run away, find another option, make adjustments or sacrifices in your life to be able to create this new, wonderful, shining option, but you can't. You have to pick. And you have to pick soon. How do you do it?

I find that it comes down to figuring out your priorities. Even if you find yourself faced with two or more options that don't really seem like options at all, you can identify your priorities and let that be your decision making tool. Do you value peace of mind, financial stability, relational harmony, freedom, space, etc.? Figuring out what is most important to you and then applying that to your situation will help you come to understand which of the options available to you is in your best interest. Yes, all of these things may be important to you, but sometimes you have to figure out what is most important for you at that exact moment, in that exact situation. 

How do you make decisions when you don't have a clear, or an "easy" option?
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