Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Clothing Favourite: Gap - True Straight Pants

True Straight Pants - Black/Unavailable

I have an absolutely terrible time whenever I go shopping for pants to wear to work.  I am supposed to wear dress pants but I usually end up wearing black denim or figuring out how to incorporate leggings into my outfit instead.  Things just never fit the way that I need them to, but now, with my recent discovery of Gap's True Straight Pants, I no longer hate trying to pair my many blouses with some sort of bottom.

These pants are truly amazing.  They are the most comfortable dress pants I have ever worn - they almost feel like I am wearing my trusty Lululemon yoga pants.  They stretch, but hold their shape, and they look super sleek with any tops I pair them with.  When I tried them on in the dressing room at Gap (after about five failures, might I add), I knew I had to get them.  So I did... in both colours.  I am hoping that Gap will soon decide to make these pants in more colours, I would definitely buy them all.

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