Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pure Fashion

Today was the final day of the Pure Fashion program that I volunteered for these past six(ish) months.  We completed the program with a Fashion Show that showcased modest clothing and beautiful, authentic girls.  This is my first year volunteering with the program and it is also the first year that the program has been in Saskatoon, but I was one of the girls in the program when it first came to Regina in the 2007/08 year.  My friend Amber and I drove down once a month to attend the formation sessions and we were part of the first ever Pure Fashion show held in Saskatchewan.  The year after we were asked back for one segment of the show with a few other girls who had been in the program the year before.  It was always fun being part of the program and the shows, but this year was even better.  I loved being involved in helping the girls grow in their confidence, modesty, and connections with one another.

I could go on and on about the program, but I will just provide the link to the website and you can read all about the history of Pure Fashion and the positive effect it has in the lives of so many girls.
Pure Fashion

I cannot wait for next year, we already have plans to make it better and more exciting. Although this year was so amazing that it seems like it will be hard to top, I think we are all up for the challenge!

Oh, and even though I was a volunteer for the program and helped the girls in working towards our final show, I did get to model an outfit from a local designer, Rebecca King.  I had a blast! Here is her website:  Rebecca King Designs

What do you think?  Have you ever been involved with Pure Fashion before?  Would you like to be?  Let me know!

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