Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yes, Please


Simple, feminine floral patterns have been my inspritaion lately.  Wearing them makes me feel instantly more like a lady, and floral just seems to suit the gentle breezes and warm weather that we have been experiencing lately.  I am definitely a girly girl, so I go all out with floral pieces.  However, if you are a little shy of the idea a wallet or a band on a straw fedora would be a great way to incorporate a little bit of summery floral into your look without feeling completely out of your comfort zone.

Product information:
1. Pink Floral Button Dress 
2. Floral Shoes
3. Fedora with Floral Band
5. Floral Handbag
6. Floral One Sleeve Dress
7. Floral One-Piece
8. Floral Wallet
9. Floral Mini

Update August 2014: Only available products are now linked.

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