Sunday, November 6, 2011


We have waited a little bit too long for snow this year in my opinion.  But I know that I only feel this way because I'm so used to having snow before the end of October.  If we had snow earlier than now I would have been complaining.  I just can't be happy, hey?

Anyway, snow.  Lots and lots of snow.  Right outside my window!  It made me smile when I saw it this morning, except for the fact that I was already dressed in a dress and about to slip my feet into a pair of heels.  I didn't have time to rethink my outfit, and I needed to be somewhat formal in my attire for all of the things I will be doing today, so I trudged through the snow in my Steve Madden pumps (weather-proofed of course... I do live in Saskatchewan after all) and I will be doing the same in about twenty minutes when I head off to my next commitment.

It isn't so bad wearing heels in the snow, but a little bit awkward when I am outside of my car trying to brush the snow off.  That being said, I love cozy boots, and now I'm sure I'll be feeling the need to purchase another pair or two... or three?  What are some styles of boots that you're loving this season? Let me know!

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