Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Walking around with that song in my head

Do you ever have those days where you seem to have a theme song of sorts?  Or many theme songs throughout your day?  I don't just mean having a song that fits your mood or focus of the day.  But a song that could be playing as if you were a guest appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show before you sit down in the chair.

Well anyway, I have had about fifteen of them for different moments throughout my day today.  As I open the door and walk into work, as I turn from the parking lot into the street, as I sit down to my computer to write an e-mail, as I read a text, as I see a friend's name pop up on my phone... different songs as if my life were a movie with a killer soundtrack.

Does this ever happen to you?  What song(s) would play throughout your day?  Some of the moments I didn't actually have a song that I could name to you, but just this beat, or this feeling that the moment I was in was being somehow defined.

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