Monday, March 14, 2016

Lush Bath Haul

I have gone a little bit crazy lately with purchasing Lush bath products. Working downtown and close to the mall where Lush is located is definitely a major factor in this, but I'm not complaining. I've been a fan of Lush for quite a while, but I haven't purchased many bath bombs before. My bathroom doesn't have a bath tub, and while there is one in the house, I just didn't make the effort to take many baths before. That, however, has changed. After watching one way too many Lush hauls/raves on YouTube I ended up throwing caution to the wind the last couple of times I was browsing through the store on my lunch break, and here's what I got.

Butterball Bath Bomb - "Beautiful butter cream hydration for dry skin"
This bath bomb is my favourite, and one of the ones that I have, in fact, tried many times before - I first tried it in the form of Butterbear at Christmastime :). I love how the cocoa butter leaves your skin feeling super hydrated after you get out of the tub! (I like this one so much I bought more than one!)

Twilight Bath Bomb - "Peaceful lavender bathing under the stars"
I really like the deep, rich, calming scent of this bath bomb. I also really like the pink colour!

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb - "Brazen jasmine flirts with your senses"
So, I'm really not a fan of companies using the word "sex," or sexual innuendos, in the names of their products. I just find it unnecessary, not creative, and somewhat crass, which leads me to usually not invest in products with names that fit this bill. However, when I do buy products with names such as this, they are so fantastic that I am able to let their marketing mishap slide (Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is another that I hate the name, but really like the product). This bath bomb has such an amazing scent that I just couldn't pass it up. Also, the scents used in this bath bomb are known aphrodisiacs, so I can't hold the naming choice against them too much.

Floating Island Bath Melt - "Creamy lemon and sandalwood luxury"
I haven't tried this one yet, but I am excited to! I really like the scent (sandalwood is one of my favourites), and I have heard great things about the melts.

Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb - "Citrus sherbet-scented firecracker"
This scent is so great - citrus is super up-lifting and invigorating, so I am looking forward to using this one in a mid-day bath. This one is also full of fun surprises while it fizzes!

Avobath Bath Bomb - "Skin softening lemongrass and avocado soaker"
Lemongrass is great for sore muscles, while also having a zesty, citrus scent. This is another bath bomb that's great for the morning or mid-day, but I wouldn't recommend it for night time - you'll be too wired!

Even with these other bath bombs, Butterball is still my favourite. What's yours? Do you like any other Lush products? Can't wait to hear your opinions!


  1. i have never been a fan of lush but you are making want to go out and buy some!


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