Monday, April 4, 2016

Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas

A lot of my friends are getting engaged and married these days, and with these engagements comes all the fun pre-wedding festivities! One such party is the bachelorette party (or stagette, in some places). Around here, gifts of lingerie or other similar items are sometimes given to the bride at her bachelorette party, so, I thought I would round up a few fun gift ideas!

If the bride is the type of person that would want lingerie, then this is a great time to gift it. You'll want to make sure the bachelorette party is the appropriate event to do so, though, so if you're close enough with the bride you can ask her directly, or you can ask the people organizing the bachelorette party. The people planning the bachelorette party will probably share the brides sizes with the guests if lingerie would be a welcomed gift, but, if not, it is acceptable to ask the bride or her bridesmaids what sizes you should purchase. If you're uncomfortable asking for sizes, you can go with one of the other ideas :)

Where to buy: Local lingerie stores are great, but I prefer to shop online for these gifts to ensure my gift is unique (there are only so many options at Victoria's Secret and La Senza!) Not all lingerie is able to be returned, for health reasons, but be sure to get a gift receipt where possible.

Couple Time Gifts
I wasn't sure about what to title this section, but I mean things like massage oils, bubble bath, candles, and relationship books.  You could even make up a fun gift basket with a few items in it!

Where to buy: These items are pretty universal, but go with brands you know the bride likes, and, if scented, go with scents the bride likes also. If going with books, make sure they come highly recommended!

Non-Sexy Gifts
Mother of the bride? Or of the groom? Have you known the bride since birth? You might feel more comfortable giving the bride something a little less "bachelorette party" and that's totally fine! You could gift the bride a cookbook, relationship books, an apron, classy and beautfiul pajamas, or anything really! Gifts aren't always necessary, but if you still want to join in you can give something more along the lines of a bridal shower gift.

Where to buy: This is another category that can be found just about anywhere!

Party Gifts
A fun veil to wear during the bachelorette party, a "future Mrs." sash, a special cup to drink out of for the night, a garter, shot glasses, a tiara, pins, light up "diamond" rings, etc. Something to make the party fun and the bride stand out! Just proceed with caution and assess the bride's personality - she might want to keep it ultra classy or might not mind getting a little silly, if you know what I mean.

Where to buy: I have seen these items at dollar stores, Michaels, Walmart, party supply stores, and online. If you plan enough in advance you can even get customized items!

Wedding Day Getting Ready Items
Matching pajama sets for the bridal party, a beautiful robe to get ready in, a sleep mask to help with beauty sleep the night before the wedding. The bachelorette party is leading up to the big day, so your gift can go beyond the party!

Where to buy: These items can be bought at department stores, lingerie stores, and online.

Do you bring a gift when you attend a bachelorette party? Have you ordered anything from Adore Me before?

Please note: This post is not sponsored, but Adore Me did reach out to me to share about their giveaway. All opinions are my own.

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