Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jon Bryant at the Bassment with special guest Kristan Couture

Definitely not the best quality photo, but pretty great for an iPhone in the Bassment!

Last night Daniel and I went to the Bassment to see Jon Bryant perform. We went to see him last time he was in Saskatoon because Daniel's sister had invited us, and we were so glad she did! Since we enjoyed it so much last time, we definitely wanted to go again.

We really enjoyed both performances. It was particularly neat to see Kristan Couture open the show, because I knew her a little when we were young girls.

Jon Bryant gives off an easygoing feel while on stage, and comes across as very personable. His maritime roots (Halifax, NS) show in both his music and his demeanor, which is what I am pretty sure I am really drawn to. He reminds me of when I lived in Halifax and the people I met would bring me to house concerts and jam sessions in old yoga studios. At one point he even came out into the audience and then, when he finished the song, rolled with it and hung out with the crowd for a bit during the next song. Simply put, he's super chill.

Have you ever seen Jon Bryant perform? Do you like his music? What was the last live performance you went to?

Please note: I am not a music critic, and I am definitely not musically trained. I am just sharing about something I experienced.

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