Saturday, November 20, 2010

Muted Dresses

Muted Dresses
Muted Dresses by Sarah Bella 11 featuring a vintage inspired dress
Dresses that I would love to wear. I love the colours of cream, blush, and ivory that all appear nearly the same at a glance but are quite different upon inspection. Normally, light shades such as these would be worn in the summer but there's something about matching the snow outside that appeals to me.

Hiding from the world

I seem to have more things to do even though I have removed duties and requirements from my life. I have quit my second job as a Beauty Advisor in the Cosmetics department of my local department/drug store and I am down to one day a week (for the time being) at my student job. Yet I am busier than all belief and I cannot seem to find time to allow myself to think. At the moment I am glad for these diversions as I am frightened of what I might be compelled to dwell upon if I were to allow myself.
On a different note, the holiday season, while not necessarily "upon" us is definitely making its grand entrance with lovely decorations, happier moods, crisp weather, and warm moments. I love this season and all that comes along with it. Cheers!
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