Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tale As Old As Time

My favourite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast.
So, when my mother found out that there would be a performance of Beauty and the Beast in Saskatoon she bought me tickets for my birthday.
I know some of the reasons why I love it:
-Belle loves books, I love books
-Belle loves the person and looks past the looks
-The songs are fantastic
-Who wouldn't want to live in a magical castle? Really. Tell me their name.

But tonight I realized another thing that ties me to this classic story even more.
Belle wants so much more than her town can offer, she seeks adventure, she cannot wait to get away and she would go, if it weren't for her father.
I always have a feeling of needing to be somewhere else, to experience new things, and to be able to find that adventure that I seek. I would go, if it weren't for a couple things holding me back.

But, unlike Belle, I am still in that state. I still want to go and experience adventure.  At least Belle makes the realization that she is exactly where she wants to be, that she experienced a change in herself.

I'm still waiting for that change I suppose.

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