Monday, July 15, 2013

Road Trip Recap: La Ronge, Saskatchewan - July 5-7, 2013

A fire brought to you by Jessica and Sarah

Last weekend I took a little trip up to La Ronge, SK with my good friend Jessica.  Jessica and I met in grade 10 when she moved to Saskatoon from her hometown of La Ronge and in all the years of our friendship I still hadn't visited her hometown - we figured it was long overdue.

Jessica's family owns a cabin on the lake that you can only get to by water in the summer. After our drive up on Friday night we waited on the dock at the edge of town and got a ride on a boat out to the cabin where we were dropped off on the dock. Thank goodness I don't watch many horror movies, but Jessica later told me that she couldn't get the thought of someone rising out of the water beside the dock just like the scene in Cabin in the Woods.

Saturday morning it was just Jessica and I at the cabin and when it came time for us to eat we realized we needed to start a fire. Starting a fire wasn't what appeared to be the difficult part to us, though, it was cutting the wood to get it started. Neither Jessica nor I had ever had to use an axe, and there we were, with only open toed flip flops for our feet (a terrifying fact all on its own), about to get to work chopping up the logs piled by the shed. 

As you can tell from the photo above, we were successful! You have no idea how proud we were of ourselves to have chopped enough wood to start the fire and keep it going long into the evening when Jessica's family came out to have dinner with us and bring us back into town. We were definitely not "roughing it" while at the cabin, but this feat made us feel as though we could if we ever wanted or needed to.

This trip was almost two in one because I got to spend some time at her family cabin but we also spent some time in town as well. There was a birthday party for one of the girls home for summer so I was able to meet a bunch of Jessica's friends and some of her cousins too. I actually ran in to a couple people that I know from Saskatoon that also grew up in the area as well.

All in all, I had a fantastic time! I really enjoy road trips, visiting new places, seeing friends, meeting new people, and especially trying new things. Thanks so much to Jessica for sharing her hometown with me!

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