Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Road Trip Recap: Regina, Saskatchewan - July 19-21, 2013

I often find myself in Regina, SK. I actually lived there until I was about 8, and almost all of my family, both on my father's side and my mother's side, still live there.  I have friends that live in Regina, my goddaughter lives in Regina, and I've even dated people that live in Regina. Simply put, I have spent a lot of time in Regina.

This weekend my uncle (the only one who does not live in Regina) and his family (except for one of my cousins) flew in from Ontario for their usual yearly summer visit. I had just seen all four of them when I was in Europe, but I was super excited to see them again so I drove down to spend the weekend there.

Other than visiting with some of my other family that I was staying with, I mainly spent most of my time with my cousin Kathleen. She and I are only a bit over a year apart in age and are really close, so it was such a treat to see her so much - we usually only get to see each other two times a year, but we're up to three now (with an entire three weeks in Europe together) and the year isn't even done yet!  We tend to fight like sisters a little bit though - there are three of us girl cousins on my mom's side and none of us have sisters, so we kind of get to take that place for each other (for better or for worse, haha!).

The weekend was pretty short to fit much in, but Kathleen and I managed to play some Clue, go shopping, visit the Cathedral Bakery for some cupcakes, play some more Clue, have a girls night with our other cousin Chelsey, and go for brunch after church on Sunday before Kathleen had to get packed up and I got ready to go to my first ever Saskatchewan Roughriders game.

The wonderful treats we chose from at Cathedral Bakery.

I know, I've been living in Saskatchewan for nearly my entire life and I had never been to a Rider game before this weekend.  It's not that I didn't want to go! It just never worked out - I always planned or talked about it with different people but it never actually happened. Well, Jessica's family (that I had met while in La Ronge a couple weeks before) had an extra ticket so I joined them at the game! We had a blast hanging out with her little siblings before the game and running into our friend Steven who is on the Roughrider cheerleading team.  We even made it on to TSN before the game started... taking a selfie! Well I guess it wouldn't have quite been a selfie, because we were together - but it was a picture we were taking of ourselves nonetheless. We didn't even realize until my phone started going off like crazy with text messages and Facebook messages asking if I was at the game or telling me they had seen me FLUFF MY HAIR and take a picture. At least I looked pretty? Haha. The photo below isn't our golden moment photo - that was on Jessica's phone... we took this one on mine a little later in the game once the sun wasn't shining directly on us.

I hope you had a great weekend as well!

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