Sunday, December 29, 2013

Simplify Sunday: Sweaters

I did another mini Simplify Project this week. This time I decided to tackle my sweater shelf.  It has been overflowing for months and I seriously forgot about some of the sweaters that were at the bottom of the piles.  This first photo is of the shelf when I was about to start laundry, with a large portion of the sweaters already in the laundry hamper.

As you can see, even without the third that is hanging out in the hamper, my shelf is totally full. So, since I obviously wear the ones that were in the hamper, I started in on the remaining sweaters and sorted them into one of four categories:

1. Wear a lot (keep)
2. Doesn't fit (donate)
3. Don't really like (donate)
4. Totally forgot I had, but still kind of like (keep, at least for now)

The fourth category was not one that I had originally planned on having, but I found a couple sweaters that had managed to remain hidden away for far too long. I wasn't sure if the reason that I hadn't worn them in a long time was because I just don't like them, or because I just couldn't see them, so I have put them on probation - if I wear them in the next three months, they can stay.

Left - sweaters I am donating, Right - sweaters on probation

I didn't get rid of many sweaters this time around, I tend to wear sweaters often, so I actually do use most of the ones I own. I do plan on being a little more conscious of my sweaters though, it's so easy to forget that I dislike something about a sweater when I am no longer wearing it.

Once I had finished laundry I organized my remaining sweaters on the shelf. There are still a lot, but at least it's a bit more tidy!

Have you completed any mini organization projects lately? What do you want to simplify? I'd love to hear!


  1. It feels good to get rid of thing you don't need doesn't it! One thing I really need to do that I keep putting off and "conveniently" keep finding excuses for is cleaning out and organizing my pantry. Ugh

  2. This is a great idea! And always after Christmas I go through my closet to get rid of the ones I really don't wear, and donate them. It's a nice way to get rid of the clothes I wouldn't use. Great post!


  3. I love mini organization projects! It feels good to get rid of things that are just taking up space! I just did this exact same thing with my dresser. I have 2 drawers that were just overflowing with t-shirts sweatshirts and all sorts of other clothes I had forgotten about! It took me forever but I managed to donate a lot of clothing and now I actually have room in my drawers for clothes I'll actually wear!



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