Saturday, December 28, 2013

What's in My Carry-On Bag: Ottawa December 2013

I am headed back to Ottawa! Actually, as I type this I am in the airport after having been on my 6 am flight, sitting on the plane for nearly two hours, and being asked to de-plane. In about 20 minutes I would have been arriving in Toronto and waiting to make my connecting flight to my final destination of Ottawa. Saskatchewan winters, I tell you.

I am headed to Ottawa for the annual conference that Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) puts on over New Years, Rise Up, and it starts tonight at 7 pm. Originally I was slated to arrive around 2:30 in the afternoon, now I'm not sure I'll even get there today.

So, while I wait I figured I would share what I have in my carry-on bag.  I took these photos before I packed it up this morning (at 4 am!), so don't worry, I'm not that crazy girl in the corner of the airport taking photos of the entire contents of her bag. Although, I wouldn't judge if I encountered someone doing just that.

I'm carrying my Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote with me today, just like I mentioned in my Carry-on Essentials post.

I am continually surprised by the amount of stuff this bag can hold!  This is what I have packed today:

Eagle Creek Pack-it Cube filled with chargers and cords; iPod touch; headphones; macbook

Pens; iPad Mini; Current read; Journal; Small Moleskine

Makeup bag (Origins gift set); liquids and aerosols; hairbrush

That's all! I actually had to pack a second carry-on last minute when my suitcase was overweight right before I left. I did not overpack, but I have my cousins Christmas gift coming with me for the second part of my trip when I leave Ottawa and it adds a lot of weight.  Thankfully you are allowed a personal item AND a carry-on. 

Have you done any traveling lately? What did you bring in your carry-on?

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