Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Road Trip Recap: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan - March 21, 2014

I'm back today after a bit of a break to share about one of my recent road trips! I had the day off on Friday and I took the opportunity to drive down to Moose Jaw, SK to visit a good friend of mine who recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

I love road trips, especially solo road trips. Driving in Saskatchewan can be extremely beautiful, with the endless views, the stunning sunsets, and the ever-changing skies; there is a reason we have "Land of Living Skies" on our license plate.  You would think that an endlessly flat, almost always straight drive would get boring, but it doesn't. It's the perfect time to think, to reflect, and to just be. Singing along as loud as I want to all of my favourite songs doesn't hurt either.

My visit with Jessica and her new baby girl Payton was fantastic. Jessica is such a beautiful new mom! She seems to have it all together, and the day of my visit was Payton's 3 weeks! I have never had a child, but I'm pretty sure that when I do I won't be as willing to share as she is, and I definitely know I won't be as calm and collected as she is.

After our visit I went to downtown Moose Jaw and wandered Main Street. I used to have a dance competition there every year when I was younger and I love the historic feel so I wanted to revisit it. There is also a newer store there that always has the greatest necklaces so I stopped by to check out their stock.

After spending a bit of time downtown I decided to hit the road again. I set off for Saskatoon as the sun was setting, and was accompanied by some beautiful views.

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