Monday, August 4, 2014

Borden Bridge, SK

In June we were heading back from a wedding at Redberry Lake, SK and decided to stop off at the Borden Bridge on our drive back to Saskatoon. There is an old bridge next to the one in use now, but it is still standing so we explored a little. We had actually stopped to look for a geocache, which we found, but we continued to explore the area - isn't the bridge beautiful?!

I have driven by this bridge a few times now, I actually don't head out that way too often, but every time that I have driven on this highway I have thought about stopping to check out the bridge - I am glad that I finally did!

Have you seen any interesting bridges lately? I would love to see photos! Also, does anyone reading this do geocaching? I only recently learned about it and we have been trying to look for at least one during our road trips this summer, it's pretty fun!

1 comment:

  1. I remember taking the bus several times from Edmonton to visit my uncle who lived in Saskatoon. I was always glad to see this bridge as I knew Saskatoon was not much further!


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