Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Take It All In

That feeling I sometimes get when I realize that I'm seeing my city through different eyes - it's not just the daily, the mundane. I'm seeing it as I would see a new city, one that I am exploring and taking in through a much deeper way, not necessarily for the first time, but differently for sure. It's much more intentional. I appreciate every building, every street corner. That bench with the man and the dog, the beautiful clock that looks like it was placed there for a movie. This morning I was walking to grab coffee for a mid-morning break, and on my way back to the office I was struck by the still, calm air, the birds chirping, the crisp coolness, outside of my warm, cozy coat. Maybe it was because I'm used to bracing myself against the frigid January temperatures and the strong, chilling wind and instead had pleasant spring-like temperatures and absolutely no wind to contend with that I could move my focus to something else, something more.

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