Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Road Trip Recap: Regina, SK - March 27 - 29, 2015

The first trip of my #take12trips challenge was to Regina - nice and close to home. I've technically already taken a few trips, considering I was in Regina when I wrote the original post and we've also been to visit my boyfriend's family in Prince Albert a few times too, but I won't be including those - mainly because we just relaxed and enjoyed everyone's company so there just isn't much to share!

On to this visit to Regina. It started out as a trip for a girls night with some of my friends, but I ended up fitting in some time with family and Santana and I finally got to see each other again too before I went on home to meet my future roomie so she could tour my place. It was a pretty quick weekend, but so much fun.

Jessica decided last minute that she wanted to make our girls night a Frozen themed evening, so that's what we did! I picked up some cupcakes from Cathedral Bakery, Jessica, Sylvia, and I ran some errands to pick up supplies and food, and along the way we stopped in at Party City, where we picked up the majority of our Frozen items: a "gliding" Elsa helium balloon, props for the photo booth, and streamers! The store was so awesome, and the aisle with all of the paper cups, plates, and napkins was essentially an organization enthusiast's dream.

The evening shaped up well with about ten of us in attendance. We had appetizers, desserts, drinks, a photo booth, pin the nose on Olaf, and some wonderful conversations mixed with some dancing (of course).

What did you get up to this weekend?


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