Tuesday, July 21, 2015

3 Easy Makeup Looks to Transition from Day to Night

Awhile back (okay, a long while back) I had my friends Maria and Veronica over for a little makeup photo shoot that I had dreamed up. I haven't talked about this too much on here before, but I am a freelance makeup artist and I wanted to play around a little while getting some photos to add to my portfolio. I decided to go with three different looks that build upon one another: "no makeup" makeup, a day look, and an evening look.

"No Makeup" Makeup Look

This look is really all about the skin. If you perfect your base you really don't need much more makeup, and the makeup that you do add doesn't need to be as heavy to compensate. Maria has great skin, so it wasn't hard to create an even base with a medium coverage foundation and under-eye concealer. I added a light application of mascara, a very light contour, and brushed through her brows to make sure they were going in the right direction.

Day Makeup Look

For the day look I wanted to build upon the "no makeup" look (which, in reality, could absolutely be a day look itself) so I added in a bit of smudged pencil liner on the top lash line along with some soft matte brown shadow in the crease. I also added a bit of peach blush and then curled her hair.

Night Makeup Look

And the final look! I added a darker matte brown to the crease, deepened the liner, added a bit more mascara, added plum blush, added highlight, applied lipstick, and pinned back one side of her hair.

What do you think?! I really wanted to do these looks to show how it doesn't take much to transition a look from day to night, that a "night" look can still look quite natural, and also that simple is really still very beautiful! Thanks so much to Maria and Veronica for helping me out with this project :)

*All photos by Veronica Neufeldt
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