Friday, January 29, 2016

5 Ways to a Great Day

Some days are better than others, that's an inevitable fact. But, you have the power to take control of your day and make it better. Sometimes only a little better, and sometimes a whole lot better! Keep reading to learn my five favourite ways to make my day that much better.

1. Go Outside
Getting some fresh air and (hopefully) sunshine does wonders for your mind and, therefore, your day. Now, I live in a climate where the air hurts my face for at least 5 (usually 6 or 7) months of the year, so that's easier said than done. Even if you have to bundle up like crazy or carry an umbrella while wearing a raincoat and rain boots, take some time out of your day to get outside, you'll thank yourself when you do.

2. Limit Screen Time
This is kind of difficult if your job involves screen use, like so many jobs these days do, but it's still possible! Even if some of your post-work duties require screens, some ways you can limit your screen time are: get outside (see above), read a book, create a rule that you put away all screens a certain amount of time before bed, and plan activities with others that don't involve screens.

3. Try Something New
The whole "do one thing a day that scares you" saying is so true! Step outside of your comfort zone. Stretch yourself and see the growth that follows. This can be as small as trying a food that you have previously avoided or something as huge as going sky diving for the first time. What you choose is up to you, and you'll love it.

4. Relax and Refocus
Take the time in your day to step back from everything going on and look internally. Breathe in and breathe out, focusing on your breath and your body the whole time. Think about each of your muscles and squeeze then release them. Stretch a little and maybe even do a lap. You'll come back to your task at hand refreshed and renewed and it will be so much easier to focus.

5. Pray
I've left my most important tip to the end. Pray daily to center yourself and reconnect with God. Nurture your relationship with Him and you'll be so much stronger to take on any challenges that come your way, and all the good things become that much sweeter too.

What are your favourite ways to make your day great? Are you going to try any of these tips?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

In With a Whisper

At the end of 2015 I had all of these grand ideas about what 2016 would look like, one of which was regular blog posts with inspiring content. I have clearly missed the mark on this one, yet I don't really feel all that off about it. Instead of starting 2016 off with a bang, crossing off to-do lists and filling my time, I've started off with something softer, more of a whisper. New Years Eve and the days surrounding it were spent with my boyfriend and his family, and it was so relaxing. That feeling has moved forward into 2016 and, honestly, I couldn't be more happy about it.

I am usually one for making the most of my time, filling it with seeing people I love or doing things I want to do, but lately I have let myself make my time completely free. I'm still seeing the people I love and doing the things I want to do, but less of it. And it is definitely in a less structured way. Instead of planning to get up and get going at 8 on Saturday, I have been letting myself lounge however long I would like. Instead of getting right to writing the moment I get home from work, I have been letting myself sink into my pillows while watching some Netflix. Instead of planning something for every evening of the week, I have left my schedule extremely open and free. And it is wonderful.

There is definitely a place for the schedules and the plans and the moving and the going - and, believe me, I generally thrive off of that stuff - but that's not my season right now. My season right now is rest. I have been realizing more and more that I will never be at this point in my life again. One day I won't be thinking just for me, and my schedule will not be only my own. That is a beautiful, wonderful thing, but I'm happy to take advantage while it's still just me :)

I hope 2016 has been off to a wonderful start for each and every one of you - any highlights so far?!
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