Monday, April 6, 2020

Meet Anastasia

I came here to share a nursery organization post, but then I realized I hadn't introduced our newest member of the family yet. 

Just before leaving the hospital

Our sweet girl joined us on December 26, almost two weeks early (just like her sister!). She was 6 pounds, 9 ounces. We delivered at the new Jim Pattison Children's hospital, and it is such an improvement from the setup in the old maternity and postpartum wards. 

The first couple weeks of Ana's life were very busy and honestly felt like two months. Things calmed down around week three and I felt like I was able to really start to get to know her and properly rest and take in the postpartum period. 

At my in-laws the day after she was born

This girl is extremely smiley and has hit every milestone early so far. She looks almost identical to her older sister, which makes it feel like we've always known her, and we constantly get their names mixed up.

Anastasia at three months
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